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Define Energy Drink Grapefruit

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It is a way of life and an energy that allows you to dream the impossible and reach for the stars – it creates loyalty and brings us together.



Carbonated water, grape sugar, grapefruit juice, lemon juice, elderberry juice, Guarana extract, natural flavours, natural colorants: beta carotene, antioxidant: ascorbic acid, stabilizer: locust gum, acidulant: citric acid.



Energy 167KJ/39.8kcal, Protein 0, Carbohydrates 10.1 (of which sugars 9.1), Fat 0 (which saturates 0), Fiber 0, Sodium 0, Caffeine 32 mg


Core Features

Define emerged from the frustration of the rising consumption of energy drinks containing taurine, and its effects on us. Define is created from the resolve to give you a new and improved beverage. The unique core behind Define comes from an authentic preparation, resulting in a 250ml dose of natural Guarana giving the Define a longer lasting effect.


No added Taurine

Taurine makes the heart pump faster and stimulates the feeling of gaining energy. However, combined with caffeine, the taurine will reduce the stimulating effect of the caffeine. Some trials indicate that taurine in high doses most likely is the cause of abnormal effects on one´s natural pulse and high blood pressure.


Natural Guarana Berries

Caffeine is a supplement that effects your performance and is the only ingredient that actually gives you a kick. Natural Guarana provide a constant stimulation, lasting up to six hours.


Grape Sugar

Define is low on calories as it is made solely from grape sugar. Research has proven that the combination of caffeine and dextrose increases each other's effects. This combination ensures a longer lasting energy that is not just a sugar rush.


No added Preservatives

Define is a powerful energy drink with a natural source of caffeine and grape sugar. The drink harnesses the forces of nature to deliver a boost of energy.


No added Artificial Colouring

The energy comes from fruit Guarana and grape sugar. It is an energy drink created from natures own ingredients resulting in the drink having a natural welcoming colour from carrots, elderberries and not containing additional colouring.


All Natural Ingredients

You will never be able to find taurine or any forms of synthetic caffeine in our drink. A search of inspiration is the foundation behind this combination of ingredients, designed only for Define.

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